About Us

Human Harmonies was created in 2008 to help address the growing health crisis in the US. Today, people are more stressed, have busier schedules and do not have the time to take care of themselves.  The result is a negative impact on their health and quality of life.

Our programs are designed to help people of all ages and abilities gain better control over their health using Tai Chi, QiGong, Bagua, and other healing arts. We teach our students movements that fit their ability, and work with them to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. Our integrated mind/body approach activates the body’s natural healing abilities, and helps restore vitality, strength, and well-being.

We believe there is no greater investment than to focus on the health of your mind and body.

What we teach

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is described as meditation in motion. The gentle flowing movements help release stress, foster tranquility and promote peace of mind. Tai Chi is valued by many as a holistic mind-body practice used to quiet the mind, and promote physical wellness and balance.


QiGong is an ancient Chinese system that combines breathing, movement and meditation to cultivate health and well-being. With roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the practice of QiGong helps to open and balance the body’s energies.


Bagua – or Eight Trigrams Palm – is a martial art that incorporates circular, spiraling movements aimed at developing internal strength and a relaxed state of mind. Based on Taoist principles, Bagua also helps develop flexibility, and ability to adapt to change while maintaining balance.

Health Benefits of Practicing Tai Chi and QiGong

Countless studies are available showing that consistent Tai Chi and QiGong practice can contribute to improved health, both physically and mentally. Some of the benefits reported include:

  • Strengthened muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Improved balance and mobility
  • Better coordination, flexibility and stability
  • Improved immune, lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems
  • Stress relief, tranquility and peace of mind
  • Increased energy and vitality.

A consistent practice can help restore balance and enhance the body’s natural healing ability, thus promoting longevity and a better quality of life.

It is never too early – or too late – to make a commitment to yourself.

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