Master Teacher Megan Cullerton has over 36 years of martial and healing art experience. She is the Global Director of Human Harmonies and licenses Human Harmonies locations and instructors. As a registered 8th degree Black Belt, Master Instructor registered with Body Mind Systems and is recognized Doh Yi Master by the Doh Yi Federation.

Megan began her training in martial arts as a teenager in 1983. She trained with her brothers, sisters, and parents. Her mother was able to avoid back surgery from degenerative disk disease through this training. Her father was able to gain strength and mobility as well. As she became an instructor, she took particular interest in older students and students with body issues to teach them the benefits of the martial and healing arts. She started to specialize in working with these students to make adjustments and gain confidence in what they could do.

From this experience, Human Harmonies was created. The goal was to take the healing arts of QiGong (which is in all martial arts movements), Tai Ji and Bagua and help them learn how to improve their quality of life through the movements and protocols. She worked with Dr. James Stahl, Section Chief of Internal Medicine at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center to create and lead a study on the impact on Balance and Stability with the practice of QiGong.